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The Content Pros Episode 3 – “Content Pros Exposed – Lisa’s Tips for Finding Inspiration Everyday”

In episode 3 of “The Content Pros” Podcast, we continue our “Inspiration and Ideas” Series — where we focus on helping you get inspired, and generate ideas for your business.

And, just to confuse you more — we’ve given this series its own name.

We’re calling this series, “The Content Pros Exposed”.

And, in today’s episode, we discuss how you can get your juices flowin’ and make great content for your business.

More specifically, Lisa exposes some of her bizarre meditation techniques to crank out the content. And, she somehow magically connects roses, blooms, blossoms and doggie doodoo.

Try to follow the logic — it makes sense (in a weird way), it took me until near the end of the podcast to understand her process.

…and hopefully you, too, will find a way to come up with some great ideas for your own website, blog, newsletter, article, podcast, video, photos — you get the idea.

Stick around to the end, because Lisa will make an earth shattering offer for one lucky listener.

As always, we hope that this “Content Pros Exposed” series of podcasts from The Content Pros will help you get ideas for your business — even if we’re not talking about your business directly.

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